Sadistic Cycles: 3D cycle game inspired by the TRON movie.
Application: Anark 1.5
Details: One and two player options. Three Camera Views with left and right rear view head turn.
Summary: The cycles in this movie are set to one speed and there is no way to stop them, AND the cycles leave a trail of deadly light that may kill your opponent or you. (Sadistic enough for you?)
(Anark player no longer supported)

Diving Simulator
Application: Flash 5/MX
Details: Small cute simulator created for my diving friend. Real gravity physics formulas used to calculate trajectory. Judges AI coming soon.
Click here to play Diving Simulator

Space Taxi
Application: Flash 5/MX
Details: Recreation of a popular video game originally created in the 80s called Space Taxi. (Originally developed by John F. Kutcher and published by Muse Software in 1984.)
Click here to play Space Taxi


More games coming soon...

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